Track record of helping + 2.200 clients and +45 elite football players with

optimizing performance, health, and longevity.

Many years of nutritional expertise (since 2012) to elevate clients' quality of life.

Let me help you to feel better so you can enjoy your life.


Anders Christiansen

Since I never played a season without being injured, I chose to do something about it and fortunately got in touch with Nicole. A total overhaul of my dietary habits and an understanding of food and what it does to your body, I could feel a significant difference in relation to my injuries. They were minimized, and I felt more energy in my daily life. It has become a lifelong change, and I'm happy about it! (Professional football player)


Christina Nanna

I have been following Nicole for many years and have participated in 2-3 of her fantastic online detox courses.

I LOVE following Nicole's universe because she sprinkles a bit of green magical health every single day, allowing me to incorporate even more health into my daily life.

The most important foundation that Nicole teaches me (and now also my husband, who has become skilled at practicing health) is to start small. Look at our habits, challenges, and shortcomings... and then gradually, joyfully, and successfully make changes! She is incredibly sharp at assessing exactly where we are, what we need, and tailoring a secure plan that feels delicious and devoid of "boring broccoli"...

Nicole has created a healthy, nourishing, and fun lifestyle for us - and I enjoy that she has Italian roots because it tastes MAGICAL in her detox dishes! Warm regards, hairdresser Christina Nanna & Jesper Kjær


Julie Meyer

Five years ago, I discovered that I am gluten and lactose intolerant.

For that reason, I sought out nutritionists who could help me.

They helped me 80%. The last 20% no one could assist me with. After a meeting with Nicole and just two days into the process, I am almost 100% fit.

Nicole looked at the entirety of my life and quickly identified other factors that could contribute to my symptoms beyond my diet. This has resulted in me receiving a meal plan that suits me and my daily life.

Furthermore, Nicole is incredibly flexible, empathetic, and trustworthy, and there is no doubt that she is with me every step of the way.

I have now received a massive energy boost, and I have never felt better.


Lars Jacobsen

When I first met Nicole, I thought her advice would be too drastic a change for my dietary habits. However, it quickly became a lifestyle, and I can't imagine anything else now. The results are indisputable. I hardly ever had injuries and generally feel an abundance of energy in my daily life, both when I was an active player and now as a football commentator and coach. (Former professional football player, now a football commentator and coach).

Thomas Kahlenberg

I have been very pleased with the consultation that Nicole provided me regarding dietary changes and guidance on which vitamins to take to optimize my overall health. I also feel that she has been good at explaining which foods are beneficial to consume and how to prepare them. I feel fresh and more energetic, and this change has come rather quickly.

Jonas Lössl

In my world, it's all about optimizing and striving for those small percentages that can ultimately make a difference. In this program, Nicole has helped me create the optimal diet for me. For me, it wasn't about not putting gasoline in a diesel engine, but rather about designing a complete program that fits perfectly with my body and my life. Nicole is always there if I've needed to discuss a new idea. She's realistic but also pushes you. Throughout our program, I've benefited from her extensive knowledge, and she hasn't just helped me but my entire family with our lifestyle change.

Before, we thought we were living healthily—now we know we are living healthily! (Professional football player)



Nicklas Pedersen

Nicole helped me play the most consecutive matches without injuries.